Aura Air
Air purifier for indoor spaces
Rs. 37,500.00
1-year warranty
Aura web platform
Easily control and manage your air quality
Aura web platform
Easily control and manage your air quality
Manage your facility tasks
Get outdoor & indoor air quality insights
View your facility's air quality trends
Integrate with your BMS
Personalized your Aura Air experience
Aura Air Mini
Rs. 13,000.00
1-year warranty
Aura Air
Rs. 37,500.00
1-year warranty
HEPA Ray filter™
Rs. 5,000.00
Average Use | 6 months
Hundreds of
satisfied business
Managing air quality with Aura Air
Frequently asked questions
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What can I do using your web platform?
Using our patented Web Platform, you can see a holistic view of your indoor air quality and manage multiple devices and much more. For more information we recommend contacting us directly.
How do I pair my Aura Air to the web platform?
You would need to first complete the registration on our web platform and then download our Business Application. You can download our application on either Apple Store or Google Play.
What are your wifi requirements?
We require a 2.4GHz wifi band. For more information, please review our Support bot or Knowledge base page.
How often do I need to replace my Ray Filter?
We recommend replacing your ray filter every 6 months.
Where can I purchase Ray Filter replacement?
You can purchase Ray Filter replacements from us when applicable or from whom you purchase from.
What parameters do you measure?
Aura Air provides the following Indoor Air parameters: CO, CO2, Humidity,
PM2.5, PM 10, VOC, and Temperatures.